BREAKING: Greg Abbott reveals gunman shared social media posts prior to shooting

Texas Governor Greg Abbott gives an update on the investigation of the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas – Via Newsmax.

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  1. My deepest condolenses to the families and society that has suffered this horrific violence. And I believe firmly that What has teared the fabric of healthy community down is toxic ideologies, who has confused and teared down our childrens fundamental and healthy grounds of safethy, learning and growing

  2. CUT the bs, how does an18 yr old with no Father or mother that lives with his Grandmother attains 2 ARs with Eotech sights? That's about $3k in weapons? CIA funded maybe?

  3. "gunman shared social media posts prior to shooting" yeah every time one of these killers does this we find this out afterwards. heres a thought, instead of blaming guns how about blaming every single person who saw his posts and DID NOTHING!

  4. So where is the reflexive outrage directed at social media for not policing their platforms from threats of violence? —- Facebook, Google, Twitter and others have all the money and are we really supposed to overlook their role in enticing crazy people to act? ——————— OUTRAGE!!!

  5. Sounds like a person buying guns need a one on one psychiatric evaluation and wait..untill Sheriff dept. runs their name through. If they had called to check his record, maybe they wouldn't have sold to him. He bought 2 and 300 rounds of ammo.

  6. I have seen a school in Ga that has a fence around the school and it looks like the entrance to a military base.
    Guard area and manned with a guard. No one is going in without permission or reasons.
    Our children need to be protected!

    That's the kind of school I want my Grandchildren going to.

    A tax to pay for this is one I would willingly pay.

  7. It's funny, that if you use certain words on some websites they'll tell you you've hurt somebody's feelings, and block that post right then. Yet, this man and other killers have been able to go on social media and announce they were getting ready to commit murders, and no alarms are sounded. The police couldn't respond in minutes, but they would have at least known who he was and what he was planning.

  8. Isn't it strange how the fbi can find your opinion in less than 2.5 seconds on social media but they never see post from mass shooters until after the fact?

  9. Here's what you do;
    1) empower law-abiding Americans to carry handguns in any venue on American property.
    2) televise public executions of those who commit first and second degree murder as well as voluntary manslaughter; anyone who commits these crimes receives the same outcome, regardless of circumstance. Those found guilt of first degree through voluntary manslaughter will be sentenced to death, with fifteen years imprisonment to appeal mistrials or prove forth wrongful conviction.

  10. The problematic mental health "community" involves the entire United States.
    The crazies occupy and live in every corner and location, coast to coast. Mental hospitals used to be full because there was the need. Nothing has changed except it's worse today.

  11. If social media, such as Facebook, can create algorithms that can determine a political POV or contrary opinion is posted, and that will get you censured from that site, why can't they design algorithms that look for such statements that seem to precede something like this?

  12. This wouldn't happen at a closed campus. All you have to do is lock people like this out. Very sad this wasn't stopped sooner.

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