Brian Babin calls social media a 'double standard' on pinpointing red flags

Rep. Brian Babin criticizes the way social media identifies red flags whenever a mass shooting occurs versus other profiles not related to shootings.

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  1. WTH!! You cut him off when he was stating what they have done to America and why we are having trouble today. What was that for?? Are you Fake News that is what they do when they do not want the person to be heard? Good-by News Max you must be a part of the DemonRats.

  2. They knew about this kid before the last kid that shot a place up, and they know about a next one coming. They as good as let it happen. What was it…. 10 years that they knew of Mohammed Atta and his crew? 10 YEARS. Ya think in 10 years, watching those guys, learning to fly etc…. they might have known what was to come? The local cops can take care of all this, way better than the feds.

  3. Why wasn't that door locked…there should not be an unlocked door at the school while the kids are there he just walked right in. There was voting polls there, so the doors were open to the public?? What's not being told?

  4. These evil politicians need to be charged with treason. The democrats and their left wing way of thinking is causing every bit of this. Americans need to open their eyes

  5. Activate our military to stand on guard at our schools and require 3 police officers within every school with dogs. It’s the only way to push back evil! It’s gonna come with a financial cost.

  6. it sound like the only thing that was not done was the teachers were armed and trained my condolences to the families sounds like this guy might be a sociopath time will tell on that once again my prayers to the families the only reason this ended so badly is there was one there that to stop him with deadly force the police were on scene faster than anyone could hope it just wasn't enough while the school did all it could this kid went to that school because he knew that there would be no armed resistance.

  7. Considering the gunman is likely another crazy developed and supported by the FBI and or the Federal Government they should be nowhere near the investigation!!

  8. Did it work? Did they take our eye off what the vampires in Washington are doing? The lone gunman is the standard of the CIA. Follow the link to Washington, where the local headquarters of the Left has established the beachhead for the CCP.

  9. I agree, way too many red flags on social media are being blown off by law enforcement, while they seem more than willing to kick down the doors of law abiding citizens using red flag laws. Also, it's hard to trust the government with any "behavior modification programs" when the Democrats see any criticism of their policies or agenda as domestic terrorism. You know they'll weaponize such a program to attack their political enemies.

  10. No gun control.
    Mental illness needs to be dealt with.
    And get rid of the leftist policies and Soros judges.
    Get tough on criminals, not law abiding citizens.
    Close the border!!!

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