Does Truth Social have a similar function to Twitter?

Some photos of Trump’s social network have been released that represent this social media, Truth Social, is too similar to Twitter. Apparently, UI and UX of this social network have been copied from Twitter. By looking more closely at the photos of Truth, we can see Twitter’s options in. Options as “like, retweet, reply”. We have to explain more about Twitter if we assume that Trump’s social network is similar to Twitter.

  Twitter is a microblogging network. It means blogging and content creation at most in 140 letters. You can express your viewpoint about an issue or news by using at most 140 letters.

 One of the advantages of Facebook for being informed of news and fast news transmission and release  is that you cannot release news in format of audio and video media in word size like Facebook does.

 At the moment, this is possible on Twitter but the basis and approach of this social network is not uploading this type of contents. Writing a text is one of the most popular contents that is used in this social media. The difference with Facebook is the matter which was referred to. Thus, you can see other types of content as photos, videos,  podcasts,… will not be mingled.

 On Twitter, you can follow some of your favorite users and users, who like you and your contents, can follow you which is called Followers. Some users are verified that they get verified badge.

 A question which arises is that “ Will Trump’s social network have this options?  ”

 On Twitter, there are options as Reply, Direct Message, Retweet, Favorite Message. If you would  like to respond users’ tweets, you can use “Reply” option. If you are interested in sending private message to a user, you can use “Direct Message”. But consider that all these options can be controlled. You can set your profile in away that nobody can send you direct message without your permission. If you want to republish somebody’s tweet, you can use “Retweet” . This option which is Twitter’s main power in fast transmitting and releasing news, is remarkable among users. If you are interested in a tweet and you want to like it, you can go to “Favorite Message ” option. 

Trump showed a strong interest in Twitter during his presidency, before and after it. However, he was active in all networks, his strong interest in Twitter, even his tweets at one or two am. Washington time, caused a question for journalists and people all over the world that how these tweets are written.  

We have to wait and see that whether this social network is a copy of Twitter.

Will Truth Social make Trump one of the richest people in the world again?

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