Fox News Says Trump's Social Media App Is LYING About Them Being On There

Devin Nunes, the former lawmaker that now runs Donald Trump’s Truth Social, claimed recently that it as “great” to have Fox News offering a feed of their content via RSS on the social media site. The only problem with Nunes’ claim is that Fox says that they aren’t on the app, they’ve never made an account, and they have no idea who the verified “Fox News” account on the site belongs to. How bad must the app be for even Fox News to disavow any involvement in it? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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This week, Devin Nunes the CEO of Donald Trump’s failing social media site truth social sent out a tweet, which on their site it’s called truths, but because it’s a carbon copy of Twitter, we’re gonna call ’em tweets, that said this. Great to have RSS feed for at Fox news now live here on truth. This adds to at One America News and at Newsmax. So cool. Fox news finally has a verified account on truth social. They’ve got their RSS feed. So every single news piece that Fox puts out goes straight to truth social. That’s a big thing. In fact, it’s so big that after this announcement was made the stock of digital world acquisition, the group that, you know, effectively bought truth social, their stock prices went soaring. There’s a problem and it could potentially be a legal problem. Fox news told Axios, we don’t have an account on truth social.

We’re not involved with it. Here’s, here’s their direct quote. We aren’t on truth social. I love it. Like that’s just their, like, we’re not there. That’s not us. It’s a verified account with an RSS feed that, by the way, that’s not difficult to do, but it’s not Fox news itself. They didn’t set up the account. They don’t know who set up the account. Nobody at Fox news, they say, has any affiliation with this account that of course is verified. So did Devin Nunes just commit fraud? Kind of what it seems like to me. He made an announcement that was a lie, but it was a lie that sent the stock prices soaring. That’s not legal folks. The question is, did Devon Nunes know that it was a lie? He’s the CEO of the company, you’d think he would know what’s real and what’s not. He, you would think that he would know that this at Fox news account on truth social was being run by a bot.

Which according to these reports, is effectively, you know, what has been, you know, suspected. So if he knowingly sent out a tweet with false information that sent the stock prices soaring, that’s fraud, that’s prosecutable, it’s illegal. So I would say that the SEC probably needs to start looking into this. We actually know they’re already looking into the actual acquisition of truth social, because they think that maybe digital world acquisition let slip what they’d be investing in a little too early. So they’re just checking to make sure all that’s worked out. But I advise the SEC to go ahead and look into Devin Nunes’ tweet there because it did send the stock price soaring and even Fox news had to come out and say, we’re not involved with that crappy website. But by then people had already made their money. Right. So yeah, totally illegal if, if Nunes knew that he was tweeting out a lie.


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  1. Wait, you actually thought that a media company owned by trump would be honest?
    I wouldn't believe them about a weather report. Or the time, or the date, or…🤐

  2. He knew , he won’t be held accountable, they never are! At this point I’ve lost almost all faith in this country.
    Let a brother drive and we get pulled over and harassed. And we get shot by “the authorities “ at an ever increasing rate. There are two Americas if not 3-4.

  3. A Trump site called Truth found to be full of lies. Well what a surprise! Can anyone name someone who lies as much as Trump? Sue them!

  4. I can’t stand Nunes, Trump or their cronies… …but it does seem a bit of a stretch to conclude Nunes made the Fox RSS feed announcement as conscious move to manipulate DWAC share price. Heaven knows, the DWAC IPO and the timing of their pre-announcement of intending to buy Trump’s nascent media company is already shady enough and ought to be looked into by the SEC. Just last week, two of DWAC’s original organizers bailed out if I am not mistaken. Drowning rats leaving a sinking ship…

  5. That is a bit of a head scratcher. Who the hell would go to Truth Social to read summarized Fox News news instead of just going to Fox? Even weirder, why would people bid up the DWAC share price because of it. DWAC is too expensive for a pump ‘n dump share price manipulation. Stupid is as stupid does, it seems.

  6. He knew just like bunker boy trump and lier cheat if not he would have never took that joke bunker boy trump not going to hire a honest person because that going against his beliefs

  7. Isn't Devin the cow breaking the law when he manipulated the stock price? I'm sure he is not being dishonest. I mean he is a republican who works for Trump. 100% honest for sure, right?

  8. Put nunez in with rump and BUBBA together He will. Be Ecstatic. Then they can lie to Bubba .Maybe JUST maybe he will believe them ? YOU GO BUBBA !Treat them very SPECIAL!😉😉😉😉😉👌👌👌👌☹

  9. So verifiable lies are TRUTH on this website ? I'm confused (*stupid silly grin*)… Naw…, just joking… I'm not trying to untangle the conflicts these people have over Truth Social. I'm just shaking my head and grinning at the idiocies these guys are promoting.

  10. Public Company making false claims! DOJ, FCC, FTC what up? Just because they lie all the time does not mean it’s ok! It’s not ok for Don the Con companies to lie to public! Do something for a change knuckleheads! The war will be over before you get out of your chairs!

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