HE’S UNRAVELING!!! Donald Trump Signals CIVIL WAR on Truth Social!

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Jesse talks about the unhinged posting of a lunatic EX-President on Truth Social, where Donald Trump “ReTruthed” a posting suggesting a civil war in America.

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  1. Thanks Jesse. Spot on as usual. Nice to see your video's again, been out of touch…Had to fly back to the states from Indonesia, (Yellow Pine, Idaho) for a death in the family and ignored all news. Missed way too much. Ignoring D.J.T for month did nothing to curb his exhibited behavior. We must all me vigilant…get out and vote. While there I was shocked at how brain washed people have become. The Cult is STRONG…and disconcerting. Fight on Marine – glad to hear you are on the mends. Master Chief Sends

  2. Absolutely right Jesse –
    I also believe if we don’t hear from him and then last minute he’s shows up couple months before voting polls he’ll be prez again GOD HELP US …

  3. I'm fine with Trump calling for a civil war, yes, let his devoted MAGA nuts start a rebellion on the streets in his name. Biden will call in the troops , the real USA army, and wipe them all out , then they will go on to Marilago and level it, with Trump inside! Biden would evoke Marshall law and will need no civil reason or excuse, why he can't finish Trump off, once and for all! Trump likes to call for a civil war, well "he who lives by the gun, dies by the gun! " So Trump , please call for a civil war, I dare you, lets see your army of MAGA nuts out on the streets fighting for you, and dying for you! If this really happens, Trump will lose his life, that's absolutely going to happen! Once civil war breaks out, the CIA will take Trump out, they will have no choice! It actually might be the best thing to happen for the USA!

  4. I think it maybe too late, the far right have had it too easy for too long. Trump is a truly awful person, who only thinks of how much he will make from this. Top republicans thought they could use Trump, then dump him when they got into power, but as in Germany in the 30s those people were wrong. Democrats' believe once they were in power, Trump would just fade away. Even Hitler spent time in prison for his attempt at insurrection. Sorry to say Mr Dollermore but your voice is too little to late, the rise of the far right and the end of the USA are one and the same thing.

  5. Let’s SUE TRUMP to STFU and the enemy IS on the inside, white supremacits & far right extremists have infiltrated every level of our government. The good news is that they are significantly outnumbered and will NEVER win 🗽

  6. We need to have the President use executive decree to outlaw it and let the republicans fight against it and show their true colors to the people!!!And Vote them out!!!!

  7. I traveled through Europe and they were more aware of what had been in the United States than the people who lived in the United States because they TALK about current events. Politics is NOT taboo.

  8. I know we need to keep talking about him, but G**damn I'm so sick of hearing anything about him or his MAGET lunatics.

  9. Just because us libs don't pose with our guns don't means we don't have any! Bring on your Civil War.. I'm tired of hearing about it! And Fuck all of you Republican Coward Cult Members 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  10. im not worried, liberals outnumber conservitive about 2:1, and historicly we liberals with abe lincoln won the last civil war vs the conservitive south who wanted to keep slavery.

  11. Why this guy is not in jail people for less go to jail and this guy who destroy the Cotitution is on the street what happened we Trump he don’t and Trump have a Devil face and he is not from God

  12. The republicans ,”my body is my right”,except when it comes to women. They must absolutely hate women. They obviously cannot understand the opposite sex. And the trials and tribulations women have to go through carrying a baby. I witnessed it many times . My wife went through many miscarriages before having two lovely daughters. From the way the right acts she should of been put in jail for something that was not under her control. I also had a son out of wedlock. The republicans would probably jail me. Since the right is all about religion now. This has no place in our democracy. And what do you think will happen if the democrats win again? Civil war. Myself as a dem will be buying guns. Even though I am man enough that I believe I have to have no fear of anyone. I just try to love and forgive. Maybe it is past that. Also, again, I was a diehard republican before trump. What is going on with our country?

  13. It’s wearying keeping the spotlight on Trump, hemorrhoid on the sphincter of civilization. Unfortunately, it is of the greatest importance. Imagine if his grift, mendacity, and outright treason were not being carried out in the open: he’d be all the more powerful in secrecy. Keep on him, Jesse, don’t let him do anything outside of the harsh glow of daylight, and thanks for your continued service to democracy—in sickness and in health.

  14. Trump has always been moronic malignant megalomaniac. The FBI has warned us for at least 6 years that the greatest threat to our security in this country is white supremacist groups. Trump, the GOP, and self-serving media boobs like Tucker Carlson, et. al., have pooh-poohed the fact.

  15. Drumpf is Charles Manson with a combover… A televangelist for the Apostate Church of Rome… A NWO Globalist with gold plate on his crapper. Vile and wicked, with evil intentions.

  16. And I do NOT understand why Dems could lose. It's unconscionable that people will not go out and vote only for Dems. Ninety percent of the reason a lot isn't being done is completely down to Republicans blocking everything….no matter how good it is for the country 🤦

  17. As a white person, I am very disturbed by these white supremacy people. Years ago, in Louisiana, I witnessed a group of robed and hooded
    KKK roaming the streets of the city I was in. Scared the hell out of me. I really can't imagine the absolute terror that non-white people must feel
    if I can feel this level of fear .

  18. Leave it to white Isis to parrot a low rent, incompetent, corrupt “leader” of a third world country… a country that’s crime rate is unbelievable.

    From MARCH of this year…

    “President Nayib Bukele has imposed a state of emergency for 30 days as El Salvador grapples with a sudden increase in slayings. Could an alleged soured pact between the government and notorious gangs be the reason?

    There were 62 killings in El Salvador on Saturday alone. This figure illustrates the scale of the problems in the small country, whose population only numbers 6.5 million — roughly the same as that of Washington, DC.
    In Germany, the average annual murder rate is 0.3 per 100,000 inhabitants. Last year in El Salvador, it was 20 per 100,000 — totaling 1,140 murder victims.”

  19. Is Trump telling on himself? A post by President Bukele talks about a big and powerful country being quickly destroyed by an enemy from within. The USA is a big and powerful country. Trump is the divisiveness that is hurting this country. It's like ""Tadah! I know I am hurting this country, but I would never say it out loud." It's almost a confession.

  20. I understand the logic behind speaking on the things trump says… but as we are seeing in real time, his lack of microphone is beginning to show the cracks in the gop toilet.

  21. Excellent👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We got to warn people, this is how seriously close we are getting to a horrible Civil war. Trump and the Republicans truly are an evil scary cult.

  22. If the democrats lose WE WILL 100% LOSE OUR DEMOCRACY. That’s a fact. These lunatics are NOT playing around they have bills and legislation just waiting. It will be like we flipped a switch and went back 200 years to the dark ages.

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