How Social Media Changes Your Mind

CW: Its gonna be intense, we’re not just talking about the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial either, we’re talking about like fascism and death and stuff too so. Be warned.🤖
Video by Ada Černoša & Verity Ritchie


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  1. Do you by any chance have a reading list or biblography for this video? I want to read up more especially the Facebook stuff. I know the sources are in the video but I was wondering if you had a full list. Thanks so much

  2. tiktok is the absolute worst for this because unlike other social media sights, it doesnt give you any tool to filter and its entirely algorithm. i had to stop using it after noticing how much it would change my mood and how I felt about things. it started off being dumb but it got to the point where it identified my as mentally ill and wouldnt stop sending very triggering and upsetting "relatable" content to me. still i was spending hours on there and I had to log out to free myself

  3. Thank you so much for making this. I've been so frustrated. I continue to be so frustrated. I keep telling people that they don't have to choose a side they can just not know! Similarly, you can know limited things, like that you're pretty sure one side is lying. But if your facts tell you that side a is lying it doesn't necessarily mean that the other side is telling you the truth. Especially in the us, where we have two main political parties. If party a is lying, that does not mean party b is defaulting to honesty. If they are both lying it does not mean their lies are equal.

    The world is mostly shades of gray and complicated.

  4. If u dive into how Bolsonaro got elected, here in Brazil, u will get a massive class on fake news manipulation. Seriously, people went along fake news of baby bottles that used penis shaped suckers because that fitted the agenda anti “socialist” party the elite pushed, which is something installed here all the way back during the cold war via a massive coup directed bu the CIA. Got us years of dictatorship and old military folk that served under that regime are in the government now. bolsonaro actually paid homage to the torturer of dilma when he called for her impeachment. Now we are amping up the genocide of our native folk, destroying the remaining amazonian forest with consent of his government and murdering any actvists that fight him. Also police has gotten more brutal, with a recent make shift gas chamber on a truck to punish a motorcyclist, innocent man by the way, and the raids on the favelas have stacked up at least 3 bloodstoaked mass killings of innocents that have been called “suspected of drug trafficking” and the like. All due some fake news, historical educational system dismantling to keep ignorance going and antinsocialism installed by north america.

  5. Absolutely fantastic video, thank you for this! It's been so depressing seeing so many people I love being so swayed and affected by social media. I'm not excluding myself either. It's insanity.

  6. What was hypocritical to me was when JD’s fans called the judge biased and other names when she would admonish JD’s team, but would then love her when she would do the same to AH’s Team. Making this a public spectacle was certainly a choice.

  7. i want to send this video to every single person i know, u r so well spoken and this topic is so scary and important. love the content đź’•

  8. The fact that Depp's team openly mocked Heard whilst she was on the stand telling her account of being SA'd WITH A BOTTLE is disgusting and should've gotten the lawsuit tossed. Absolutely appalling

  9. The Amber Johnny case is so socially sensitive and it’s weird how people are making edits, re-enacting the trial and I have even seen companies making merch off “iconic” quotes from the trial. It’s just insensitive and reflects how social media has desensitised everyone when it comes to serious topics

    Edit: do you think these celebrities should have a jury? On your point about biases within the jury, it is hard to find a jury who will avoid social media or situations in which the trial will be mentioned. For weeks on end, I had my family constantly talking about it to me, even though I was not following the trial on social media. Think the case should not have been publicised whatsoever.

  10. I became extremely sceptical of social media because during the pandemic I was having a hard time dealing with my mom, and I talked about it in private digital conversations and then later on tiktok there were a stream of videos of people complaining or joking about how toxic and abusive their moms were, and I was like… I never said my mom is toxic or abusive, I know the situation we're in is mainly because the both of us are highly stressed and this is not entirely her fault, and yeah, we started communicating better and going to therapy and we could figure it out, but I think that if I had carried on with what Tiktok was showing me, it would have been very easy to remain in conflict with her just because of an algorithm that feeds of the difficulties and the anger people feel

  11. What also sucks is search bars adding in news, and it's usually the most shocking or something that causes feelings to well up within me I need to click it. Like on reddit. It does a hell of a job of keeping me on the site and app.

    But this also shows the whole idea that "tech is neutral and whatever comes from it will be beneficial in the end" isn't true. Tech can have a bias because we humans have biases, and we're the ones who make them. Also really sucks that social media and phones are made to be addicting as much as possible. Wish this was more well known instead of people yelling at us who can't put down our phone as lazy and can't get our priorities straight.

    Technofeudalism isn't something I heard of, but I can't wait to search it. Thanks again for making this informative video. Especially as a programmer myself, I need to know about these important topics

  12. I don't know if I got this idea from someone else or if it came to me based on what others have said, but I think a factor that increases the impact of all of the problems with social media is that we don't know what we'll see next.

    Throughout the time I am watching this video I am always one click away from something else. Now on YouTube you at least get thumbnails and titles for the regular videos, so you can mentally prepare at least somewhat for what you are confronted with next.

    When scrolling through YouTube shorts or most post-based social media sites, you don't even have that. You will look at a picture of a cute cat, scroll down one post and get struck by a news headline accompanied by a comment by an unqualified source written in inflammatory language. You scroll down again and see a political meme and who knows what comes next.

    There is no way to mentally prepare for what comes next, so it is impossible to apply different mental states. This is made worse by the fact that social media is seen as a leisure activity. And I don't think anyone can have their critical thinking turned on all of the time.

    The philosopher Enzensberger critiqued television for its passivity. He said when watching TV, people are exposed to the content. (He uses the term "berieseln lassen" which roughly means to let onesself get snowed or lightly rained on, or to get powdered with something). If that was already scary to him, he is probably losing his mind today (I think he is still alive). Imagine that problem of passive engagement, which prevents people from questioning what they take in (which I think didn't necessarily mean questioning whether the news channel is lying, but more something like questioning why one story gets shared while another doesn't, or what the implications of the entertainment content are), how much worse is that problem made, if the medium is actively trying to get into the consumer's head?

  13. Amber Heard made the whole abuse public and what Johnny Depp wanted by bringing the cameras in was to get his reputation back. How is this wrong if you consider for a moment him being the victim? Being blamed for your own abuse and being publicly abused to this day, he deserved to have everyone see. You can say whatever you want about that, but it was the right call. I have seen so many people outright lie about every part of this case, even what the verdict was. If it was not filmed, there would no original source to clarify what the actual truth is and therefore the lies would be worse. I couldn't finish this video when you seemingly started to blame Johnny Depp for hurting other victims with this all. Maybe I should have powered through the rest of your video but I literally broke at that point. Like I'm sorry but this is not okay. A lot of what you've said here is right and is good to talk about and the jury really should have been sequestered or whatever it's called, but I feel like you're not judging people fairly and yes there's going to be bad outcomes of this trial. I hate the way everyone talks about it. I hate the tiktoks and avoided them. I hate the victim blaming. I hate the ableism. I hate the way people are using this case to try to pick apart other victims (eg. Rachel Evan Wood). I hate the idolisation. But blame Johnny Depp for what he's actually done and not for getting justice and finally moving on and trying to be happy again. He has done wrong but not in this case and not in this trial. Honestly, can people just not talk about this case when they don't seem to know anything about it? You don't even understand what the UK trial even was. I do really like your content normally but this feels horrible and I know everyone's just going to say I'm proving your point by being upset, but I'm not and never have been a fan of Johnny Depp, I actually hate him cause he supports Marilyn Manson and Roman Polanski and that's all I need to know to know I'm not even just not a fan but actively despise him, but that doesn't make him not a victim in this case. I also supported Amber 100% but saw/heard a huge amount of the evidence before I even knew this trial was going on. I saw absolutely no support of Johnny Depp outside of the gross meninists. Not everyone is the same in the regards to what they know and where they stand. I understand and emphasise with your viewpoint but it's incredibly triggering when people blame victims and disbelief them despite having so much evidence. And I mean you're talking about how social media manipulates but then claim televising the trial was bad when it meant manipulation is harder as anyone can watch the trial themselves!

  14. I never understand why either of them have to by lying? I'm just assuming, but it's probably really common in things like divorce (and what leads up to it) that both sides of view can be totally different?

    (Allow me to make it all about myself for a second </3) With my own parents and stuff, Dad would only remember the good things while Mom still says that he would black out, which totally makes sense when put together. If it had been a huge trial like this, though, then Mom would surely have sounded crazy to people watching by talking about things that Dad has no memory of-?

    (Mind you, I know this is a defamation case, but said defamation is that Depp is abusive, so you have to prove that he wasn't in order to prove that it's defamation or not?)

    Not to mention, being in "survival mode" 24/7 can absolutely make you crazy, so Amber "being insane" honestly isn't a point against her.

    (Also, no shade to my dad, he's really great and just doesn't do well under a lot of pressure, I think? So he and Mom just weren't a good couple, pft)

  15. I've noticed that the YouTube algorithm will (accurately) pick up on what topics I'm interested in, but it doesn't respect what side of an issue I'm on. It can't distinguish between videos about misogyny and videos that are misogynist. So even though it's an AI making these decisions, it seems like YouTube is constantly trying to pull me to the right with its suggestions. If I were less sure of my positions, maybe that effort would be successful.

  16. you are one of the few people i would be willing to listen to on this subject!! the video was so good and informative and didn't bombard me with information about the infamous case

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