How to invest in Truth Social?

As the Truth Social release time approaches, all Trump and Truth Social fans are looking for a way to support this social network. Because, as stated in the slogan of this social network, your voice will be heard with the help of this network. During the time we have been with you, many people have asked how we can invest in Truth Social. In this article, we want to answer this question.

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Many Trump supporters have been looking for buying shares of this social network. We must mention that the shares of Truth Social have not been initially offered on the US stock exchange yet and we will inform you whenever it is offered.

But can buying shares of Truth Social help the development of this social network? We must say for sure. As you know, Facebook and Twitter have also been initially offered. They are active in the stock market, and as you are aware , the value and market cap of these companies is increasing day-to-day. So, definitely one the things you can do to support Trump and his social media is buying shares of this social network.

But this question may arises for you ,“When will these shares be initially offered?”

Based on our experiences with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the managers of these companies usually try to make the users of these social networks reach a reasonable level and almost all people are relatively familiar with them and then initial public offering  on The stock market starts.

We have to see how Truth ‌ Social drawing user will be in this short time and how fast it will progress. Certainly, the faster this social network develops, the closer we will see its initial public offering in the stock market in the very near future.

If you have a question about when Facebook started its initial public offering, we should say that in May 2012, with an initial value of about $ 38, it started trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, and now this $ 38 has reached 335, ie about 776 grow percentage.

The initial public offering of Twitter started on November 8, 2013 and its initial price was around $ 41, and now that we are in the end of 2021, the value of each share of this company is about $ 44.

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In late February, Truth Social became available on the App Store, but due to problems it put most users on a waiting list.But at the same time, it was on the chart of the highest downloads in the App Store, and this social network was highly welcomed by Trump fans.

Due to the fact that it has been announced that the problems of this social network will be resolved by the end of March, and also due to the great acceptance of users of Truth Social, it is expected that this social network will attract a large number of users in a short time.

Therefore, we should expect that Truth Social will gradually take serious steps for the initial public offering of the stock exchange and the investment of users in it.

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