How to sign up on Truth Social: 21 February update

In this article you get familiar with 7 steps to sign up on Truth Social:

In this article, we want to show you step by step how to sign up on Truth Social. Truth Social will be launched in the next few months and many Trump fans are waiting for this social media launch  faster. To join  the waiting list of Truth Social, enter this site and sign up.

New update for Truth social release and sign up on this social media

If you are looking to sign up for Truth social, we have to say that the release of this social network will take place in the next few days, and this news is so serious that Trump has sent his first post on this social network.

It is rumored that Trump’s social network will be released on President’s Day, and you can be one of the first to join Truth Social.

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How to sign up on Truth Social

You can see the picture of this sighn in page below that you must fill in the email and your password. If you have not yet registered with Truth Social, click on ” create new accounr “

How to register on Truth Social, Step 1

The first step in joining Truth Social is to enter your date of birth here. Then click on the next.

How to register on Truth Social, Step 2

In this step you should enter your Email address. Make sure you have access to your email, as you will need to confirm your email later.

How to register on Truth Social, Step 3

Now open your email and validate your email address. Of course, you may not receive an email the first time, it is better to click the resend button again after a few minutes. Remember to check the promotion section as well as your email spam.

How to register on Truth Social, Step 4

After validating your email, set your account password. Be sure that youe password has minimum 8 characters, 1 capital letter and 1 lowercase letter.

How to register on Truth Social, Step 6

Create your username in this section. Of course, make sure that your username is not duplicate, otherwise you have to change it.

How to register on Truth Social, Step 7

Your registration with Truth Social is now complete. But due to massive demand on Truth Social, you should wait on wait list; till inform you more information about that.

How to change the account in Truth Social?

There is currently no way to edit a created account. The best way is to log out and create a new account.

How do we make money from Truth Social right now?

You may now be saying to yourself that Truth Social has not yet officially started. Is it possible to make money from it right now?

In answer to this question, we must say that in the near future, with the popularity of Social Truth, many famous people and brands will probably want to join Social Truth. You can now create an account with the name of a famous person or brand, which you can sell to them later.

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