Ministry of Truth Leader Claims Liberals and Minorities are Silenced – Not Conservatives

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In a recent interview, Nina Jenkowicz said that there have been many studies showing that social media has silenced more liberal and minority voices than conservative voices. Shapiro weighs in.

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  1. Hi guys and girls. I am looking for funding into researching what part of the brain is affected in left leaning people to make their faces spasm into the “ wide eyed about to eat your children face”. Shouldn’t cost more than a happy meal to get the results published.

  2. This would be hilarious if it weren't so frustrating and sad. I have several liberal friends who have never had a single political posts blocked. In fact, they were unaware that there was such a thing as Twitter censorship or "Facebook jail" until I told them that I have been blocked multiple times. Even being libs, they know me, they trust me, and they like me, and they have said, "That's just not right." No, my friends. No, it's not.

  3. I'm trying to remember who shared a thread on what her employment was before getting this job. It's extremely interesting how she's been a part of a group who pushed false narratives to change the outcomes of government issues all over the world. This is not brand new. Her and the others were outed my hackers years ago.

  4. What happened to citing sources ? Every time I hear bullshit like this it's always "many studies have shown" … I'm a little bit of a cartesian person, I operate with 99.9% logic and .1% opinions and to me, having a conversation with someone whose argument stands on the phrase "many studies showed" is absolutely worthless … How can a satisfying and effective conversation happen if you can't trust what the other person is saying.

  5. If this administration puts a ministry of truth in place. . . What happens when a red wave takes over this department? 🤔 i guess this department exists to contest elections when democrats don't win

  6. Yeah we knew she was going to basically turn the organization into a shit show. Just another attempt by the Democrats to trick Americans into voting for them in November. Imagine being so bad at your job that you need to resort to such tactics, but then not having any issue with such tactics.

  7. She is absolutely psychotic. Democrats are pure evil closet racists living in false realities forcing others to conform to their false realities or be silenced and targeted.

  8. Yeah im not really liking the american communist regime. Can we get rid of them already and get the country back on track? Asking on behalf of my heirs

  9. To be fair, Kayleigh Mcenany went from being Trump's pres sec (at which she did a stellar job, despite the insanely hostile and aggressive conditions) to being a Fox News contributor. So its not as if what psaki is doing by joining msnbc is unprecedented. Though psaki was the deputy press sec and other communicarion positions under obama, so its not as if she was an original pick by biden; as if he had an original and coherent thought in his head.

  10. People are saying, that it was another one of bens supporters that went on that shooting spree in Buffalo ny. We all know that his day job is juicing-up the white supremacest. Facts over feelings snowflakes.

  11. All anyone has to do is look at a vast majority of the media(Left leaning) and Twitter(Left leaning) to see that is a bold-faced lie. And yet, this lunatic is supposed to be the person who tells us what’s true?😑

  12. what a hideous lie. what an absurdist reality. homeland security is and always has been a living violation of the constitution.

  13. Psaki saying she has standards is hilarious. But the head of the DGB saying lib voices are being silenced is just out of this world disinformation.

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