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Right wing social media: Truth Social, Frank, The Freedom Phone, Gab, and Parler are all social media sites that promote “freedom of speech” and a lack of moderation. They came widely as competitors to Facebook and Twitter which the leaders of these sites, and in one case phone, claim are highly regulated and anti-conservative.

Welcome to the Corporate Casket, a semiweekly series where bad businesses go to die. We will discuss any and everything from bad charities, terrible CEOs, and businesses that have a lot to hide.

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  1. Stinking conservatives have pretty much, taken over YouTube here, I can't speak for other social media sites but it would not surprise me if it were the same, yet the fascist, fools still can't be satisfied. And if you think I'm talking nonsense here, just compare the number of conservative/fundamentalist channels on YouTube here, as opposed to the number of liberal/progressive channels. There is no comparison. You have to actively, look for the liberal/progressive channels here, whereas the conservative/fundamentalist channels are forever, being shoved in your face. They are absolutely, everywhere and getting more and more numerous all the time. I have to continually, tell YouTube to stop recommending channels to me of people and things I know will upset and piss me off, and of which I know I will completely, disagree with. Honestly, what the friggen, heck do all these conservatives want, anyway?!

    My Liberal Progressive Best. Be Well and Safe. Out. 🙂🖐🏼

  2. No conservative voices are definitely being silenced in social media. Get your head out of your ass. Just because trump or Lindell makes a new social media platform is doesn’t mean it’s a “right wing” platform. GIA is awesome, and you’re one of many people that’s still asleep. You’re a sheep.

  3. Nice now do the left wing liars and all their media mouth pieces. Regardless of what you want to admit the voices from one side of the aisle are being actively censored and silenced where as if you vote for a Democrat you can say what ever lie you want and do whatever you like. Be truthful stop being a Leftist Lap toy Illuminaughti

  4. Thankfully it's very easy to entice and lure these people in.
    If the email looks interesting and legitimate, these people do not hesitate to click links, fill out forms and open attachments without even double or triple checking them.
    Scammers in India and Nigeria love receiving massive amounts of personal information belonging to these people.

  5. Thank God a lot of these people are not smart when it comes to cyber security.

    If these people receive emails that look enticing, legitimate and in their best interests, they will click the links and fill out any information that is being requested without even a second thought. They don't double check links before clicking them, they don't scan attachments before opening them, or double and triple check forms before filling them out and submitting them. From the recent tests that have been done with tactical test emails, some of these extremists even include their family members information when filling out forms. Including their wives and children! Damn these people are not smart!

    Scammers in India and Nigeria truly love receiving massive amounts of information about these people.

  6. Tbh banning these people from social media was a mistake simply because it made them make there own websites and now they are not exposed to new ideas now are they corrected

  7. I called the FBI and tried to report a bunch of info about Jan.6th, but they could've cared less. The operator wouldn't take down the info, and an agent never called me back. I had acquired kill lists, people planning on using RPG's, others who had radioactive material and wanted to build a dirty bomb, etc. I firmly believe Trump told the Justice Department not to interfere with his coup…

  8. I feel like the whole “free speech” issue wouldn’t be so problematic if the internet was as diverse as it used to be. Back before everything people saw or said was through a tiny handful of corporations, you had a large number of different things like forums. These were often self-moderated by human beings, and what was tolerated varied. If the moderators didn’t like you and you got kicked, usually not as much of an issue. There was a whole world of other places to explore.

    But the thing is, it might’ve been much harder for nutjobs to spread their bullshit too far. Because again, not too many people were on any one site. At least in theory, it would be considerably harder to assemble an army of rabid followers, when they’re scattered across a bajillion different platforms. And many of said platforms you turn to may just boot you to begin with, because you’re being too much of a troll.

  9. When I look back at this point in history I will always laugh that in 2016 the MAGA supporters claimed everyone else was in "echo chambers" and "safe spaces", but now they have multiple social media companies and even their own phone to maintain their distance from reality and accountability. It's just funny to see, that's all…

  10. The reason(s) why these "true free speech" alt-tech sites (Parler, Gab, Truth Social, Rumble, Minds, etc.) never really take off is because they don't have any real unique features that make them stand apart from their mainstream/big-tech counterparts (a "Conservative safe haven" is not a standout feature, echo chambers are boring), their user interfaces are often clones of their mainstream/big-tech counter parts (notably Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), nobody willingly wants to surround themselves with the most toxic/insufferable groups of people on social media,, they generally seem to have poor security practices, and a few are based on blockchain tech (Odysee, Rokfin, and Minds).

    I'm not against alt-tech social media that allows genuine free speech (like actual free speech, not the Conservative snake oil brand of it). I just prefer if they're founded on good faith, are genuinely responsive to their community, aren't infested with people who make the site toxic to anyone who just wants a place to chat and share interests, and aren't based on blockchain/web3 tech.

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