Trump Loses Mind on Father’s Day, Claims to Be Leading “Every Poll”

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–Trump explodes on his social media platform Truth Social

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Broadcast on June 21, 2022

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  1. Don, if you want to present your side of the story, come on in, and testify to the Committee. You love ratings, right? Ratings for a live testimony would be off the charts! To be fair, you should know that the Committee won't be lobbing you softballs, like your other interviewees do…

  2. All these PERFECT phone calls he has made in his time as President ,yet he couldn't make a PERFECT phone call to end the attack on the Capitol on JAN 6TH .

  3. In the dictionary, there should just be a picture of DJT for the definition of "detached from reality"… because like the fictional story of the Emperor's New Clothes, DJT is living in a deluded fantasy state and so are those people who support and enable the lunacy… remember, The moral, or message, of the tale was that we must not let pride or fear keep us from speaking the TRUTH.

  4. All the lives that were destroyed because of this narcissistic incompetent moron and his enablers. Not counting the innocent people in harms way because of his lies.

  5. Most people in their right mind would find Trump hilarious. The guy is guilty as sin all day long no questrons asked. Yet he goes on and on peddling his yarn. What kind of a guy does something like this? A LYING CROOK… that's the simple answer. A guy that would take the country to hell given another oppurtunity. He preys on people's weakness trying to come up smelling like a rose and the smartest man in town. People—don't be conned again by this shyster. The A G better get his act together and get serious with this guy. And hurry up, M G. Please.

  6. THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING TO THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS! They’ve been invited by the GOP-MAGA CONFEDERACY to help it deal a death blow to American democracy. The Confederacy has already seriously weakened our democracy and now the Russian Reds are joining the Confederacy Reds to destroy it with a red tsunami!

  7. According to Nostradamus Trilogy book 3, he wrote of three anti christs five centuries ago. Two, Napoleon and Hitler did their evil deeds. The third and final one is the one who brings the apocolyps. As it looks now, vladamir putin or donald trump may fill that slot. These two low lifes seem like they're battling for that third spot.

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