Trump Shares Post Calling For Civil War On Truth Social

Over the weekend, Donald Trump shared a post calling for a Civil War in the United States from someone on Truth Social (a post that was responding to another post that said the United States was crumbling from within.) This is the kind of rhetoric that his base lives for, and we’ve already seen what they’re willing to do without him explicitly telling them to commit acts of violence. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses how dangerous this simple post it.

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Just a couple of days ago, Donald Trump shared a post on truth, social calling for a civil war here in the United States. So here’s what happened on truth, social Fox news personality. Laura Logan shared a post from, uh, the president of El Salvador that said that the United States is falling so fast due to an enemy within then a pro-Trump account on truth. Social saw Laura Logan’s post retre retweeted it, which on truth. Social is called RET truthing because they’re not very creative with the names, but he reintroduced it and wrote civil war. Then Donald Trump himself came back, saw that post and reintroduced civil war, civil war here in the United States due to an enemy within, according to the president of El Salvador, shared by a Fox news host. That’s the point we’re at in America today where the former twice impeached president of the United States actively calls for civil war because you can’t frame that any other way.

Somebody suggested civil war. Donald Trump shared it with his millions of followers. That is an active call for civil war. And a good prosecutor could probably bring Donald Trump up on charges of sedition, conspiracy, right? Things like that. Treason, maybe, but as so many other things happen with Donald Trump, this one just kind of gets ignored. Yeah. The media picks it up. People talk about it. We talk about the outrage we talk about. Of course, the dangers of this. We have seen Donald Trump’s crazed fanatic cult followers do horrendous things. We have seen them literally kill people just based on lies that Donald Trump tells them. But so far he had not gone as far as to say civil war. Well, technically, now he has he’s reintroduced it. So what happens now? What happens when his deranged followers take this as a marching order? We have already heard testimony from far too many of the capital riots that have gone before judges in this country. And they have said that Donald Trump told us to do this problem is Donald Trump did not explicitly tell these people to do this. They just thought that that is what he was implying. He wants us to go and do this. So how would those same people interpret this truth, where he calls for civil war. We know exactly how they would interpret it, folks. Yes. This is dangerous. Yes. This is sick.

Yes. This is disgusting. Yes. This is borderline sedition, but nothing will happen. And that’s the worst part of all these stories. Nothing ever happens. Now, if I were to get on truth, social or Twitter or any other social media app and call for any kind of violence, even rhetorically against any elected official in this country, the FBI is going to come knocking at my door. That’s what happens when you’re not a powerful person, even joking, right? If you were to joke about a member of Congress, you know, getting an incurable disease and succumbing to it, you’re going to get a visit from authorities. But here the former president of the United States is RET true things. Somebody calling for civil war and I’m willing to bet there won’t be a single authority paying him a visit. Nobody asking him to clarify this. We all just accept it as Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump does while we sit here and wait to see if any of his deranged supporters take him literally on that.


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  1. I was a pacifist during Vietnam War as I was a student from grade school to college in the 60's this is nothing that has happened during the The 6th of January

  2. Anything short of accountability for something will let this movement continue to grow until the lame Democrats are overtaken and the country does have a civil war. I just don't think it would go the way these magidiots think it will.

  3. careful what you wish for, lingering old fart. This is not like 140 yrs ago. It's a treasonous act from a treasonous person. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not a orange lingering fart of america or maga cult

  4. This is what happens when a man suffers zero consequences for his behavior or words this country will be destroyed by this one man because of this what a sad state of affairs we live in here and God help us when we have a crazed fromer president running the show how many will die due to this its disgusting

  5. He has only one thing on his mind since he lost the 2020 election: the total destruction of th United States of America. He would survive by relocating to Russia. His MAGANUT supporters would not survive a civil war, and Trump knows this and couldn't care less. He will do ANYTHING, say Anything, nd align himself with anyone or any group, regardless of their beliefs, if it will result in chaos or destruction of our societal tenets. He has to be stopped at all cost. The sooner the better, for everyone who still values what Democratic tenets we still have left. 🙄🙄🙄

  6. STILL, Merrick Garland does NOTHING!!
    STILL President Biden does not Replace Merrick Garland with a Competent Attorney General!!
    I thought our Department of Homeland Security had Jurisdiction on Domestic Terrorism!!??
    Why not just Give the Country to Trump?? It don't work anymore!! It's Broken!!
    Before NAFTA we Fed the World!! Today We're dependent on Foreign Goods!!
    Republicans & Democrats gave us NAFTA, which OUTSOURCED all our Jobs!!
    Still, we continue to Elect them Over & Over & Over. It's time to let someone else Screw up the Country!!
    OR, Let Donald wage his war!! His Coup FAILED!! What the Hell!! Right??

  7. I’ve said this for 7 years that our worst enemies are within our nation’s borders. Stupid #45 and his freaky cultards are the very worst our country has to offer.

  8. I would think that's illegal 4 sure!!! Is there anyway 2 sew Trump's mouth closed, zap his brain in2 reality, load him up with lithium or resort 2 a lobotomy ? OMG please send the Aliens 2 take him away.

  9. The El Salvadoran President's comments are talking about the monetary policy surrounding the US dollar. That is the enemy within. Please understand the context.

  10. In other words if Biden wins the 2024 Election, Trump supporters will take this call to a Civil War seriously just like they did with the January 6 Insurrection and if Trump wins the 2024 Election we will have to go through another 4 years of Hell with Trump as President again that would probably destroy America.

  11. I totally agree with what you say but what is the average person to do about this? I continually hear the problems about TFG but never do I hear any solutions. Sometimes it almost seems this is giving him more of a voice, which is what he wants.

  12. More and more I'm coming to the sad conclusion that the US is toast. All it takes for evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing.

  13. Trump and his fat right wing nuts is destroying America….. fassicm is growing rapidly through fox news Max etc etc, propagandists…whom are calling their self pundits

  14. ❌❌❌The President of El Salvador was Right When he said America have a ▶️Enemy Within ◀️It’s been that from the Beginning❌❌❌ ▶️IT’S CALLED RACISM◀️

  15. What else do you expect? God told me that if he won, he would be going to jail & maybe he is starting to believe me?

    If he was facing prison, wouldn't you want chaos to keep yourself out of it? Just like, I know "pooty" would have to end his war & not the USA. He has nukes too & he would use them regardless of the lives of his people.

    But for 45? It wouldn't even matter if he started chaos, because God said it would happen if he won & so his win put a light on his crimes.

    He decided to run & so he sealed his fate when he won. It is his fault. Well, his hateful nature's fault. He only ran because a black man was a president & he felt insulted by that same black man.

    His ego is about to doom him & his followers.

  16. We have no prosecutors in this country that have any never. They would rather prosecute people of color for selling weed instead of a white man for trying overthrow the government. Our country is in big trouble God Bless America we certainly need it now more then ever!!!

  17. He just pointed what THE LEFT is being Calling for years. See Timcast IRL. TRUMP was just pointed out how Crazy the Left has become. Talk about confession thrue PROJECTION! You people are SICK!

  18. Dosent Donald DUMP!! Know that he and his family will be the biggest targets?? And as he and the rest of the Republicans know there are A LOTTTTTTTTT of Americans (not me) have guns and rifles and KNOW TO USE THEM!!! And he is to FAT to duck fast!!

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