Trump TROLLS Biden on Truth Social after Old Man Joe's EMBARRASSING fall off of his bicycle!

Trump TROLLS Biden on Truth Social after Old Man Joe’s EMBARRASSING fall off of his bicycle!


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  1. Not that I like the present Democratic Party, they do absolutely nothing but divide the nation. But if you watch Biden's right foot, as he stops he takes his left foot out of the the pedal strap, but gets caught up in the right strap. He accidentally shifts his weight to the right trying to get his foot out, and over he goes. It happens to the best of us. Those things were always a bad idea, but persisted for decades. In 1985 the toe clip began to take center stage, which uses a specialized shoe and pedal used in road racing, and are much easier to use. Biden's fall wasn't really a big deal, young and old have done exactly the same thing, including me. The real problem is his cognitive issues that seem to be linked to dementia or alzheimers. It really shows that its the party that has the power, not the President. Its wrong, its a facade, and nobody believes that the Democrats won the 2020 election, except other cognitively impaired people.

  2. Say what you want about the Donald, but at least he can control a bicycle. I don't like Trump as a man, but as president at least he got positive results and made life livable in this country.

  3. If we would repent of our sins and put God back in the schools back in the government and back in the church things will change and you’re right they need fathers to lead them !! They don’t need to see donators I need loving fathers !!

  4. Biden makes a fool of himself falling off his bike. He falls going up the stairs getting onto planes. Maybe he needs a chair to get up to a plane. It's coming. When he runs across the White house lawn I think this old guy is going to fall.

  5. What came 'round is just starting to come 'round. Joe the bike jock, what a crock. He should outright fire the AHol' that set up this photo op.

  6. Sleepy Joe is on vacation every weekend well America is getting worse and worse and worse he don't care about America he's just using this free white house as a vacation spot and and going home on vacation sleepy Joe Biden has been on vacation since the first day in office same with that sixth-grade education Harris

  7. It's one thing to put hands on Biden, but nobody even touched him. He continues to hurt himself, literally. This was Joe Biden's own fault. He gets what he deserves. This man deserves no compassion or sympathy. Do not feel sorry for the man that is destroying the United States.

  8. I guess we should remember trump almost falling down the ramp or walking onto the plane with toilet paper on his shoe. Or the time he couldn't close the umbrella and get through the door. You are such infantile childish schoolyard bullies.

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