Trump’s Truth Social Is An Absolute DISASTER

Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform seems to be living up to its expectations of being an absolute dumpster fire as the app is experiencing a 93% drop in new user signups and a decline in traffic in its first month of operation. It’s crashing so hard that even Donald Trump himself is losing faith in the project. Ana Kasparian and Farron Cousins discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Former president Donald Trump’s Truth Social app is seeing a 93% drop in signups and similarly steep decline in traffic after a rocky rollout last month fraught with technical issues and an extensive waiting list for new signups to actually use the service.

After going live on President’s Day, the Twitter-lookalike app saw installs decline by more than 800,000 since its launch week, according to Sensor Tower. Installs on the Apple app store this month have fallen to about 60,000 per week, based on early estimates.”


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  1. I am a software developer and when I looked at the code this truth social media was using, its extremely laughable. Not to mention that they stole half the code from open source communities.
    And didn't properly implement/integrate those source codes into their project, which severely broke the rest of the platform because of inexperienced people.
    Their security sucks completely. They have no HTTPS for anything on the platform. The server they are using is out date & amateurishly configured.
    Its one of the main reasons why people are on the wait list. not to mention prone to horrifying ERR: and NULL's that no one on their tech team even has a clear grip of what they are doing.
    Lets not forget users private account information are clearly exposed to everyone else on the platform. With a few keystroke everyone's personal login information is exposed. 🤦‍♂
    No proper security on its SQLDB, PHP is severely broken, no 2FA etiher. The people who coded this platform have absolutely no proper experience.

  2. TYT is an absolute disaster, collapsing userbase as they ruined their reputation over and over. just look up ana and everyone there saying the n word with a hard r in the past

  3. The reason the Chump can't post on TS is the system administrator always rejects his application because he just assumes it's another fake Chump…

  4. Ladies and gentlemen once again Trump proves how gullible people are the man is supposed to be a multi-billionaire and yet again he keeps asking people for money,

  5. The problem is, you have a man that lies with every word that comes out of his mouth who starts a platform on social media with truth in the title! Why would anyone want to to download an app with obvious deception in it. I think people are starting to realize what trump truly is and they are tired of the lies 👍🏻which is a good thing for our country. But this maniac, money hungry monster is still attacking us with the simple minded, and uneducated followers that are willing to kill for this disgusting man. Maybe the summer will bring more light into the dark minds of his followers 🤞🤞🤞

  6. It is very hard to believe that a Trump associated business could fail—Oh wait a minute where is Trump airlines, Trump wine, Trump university, etc. etc. etc.–Of course, we all know that stories of any failed businesses is merely the liberal media just putting down the "smartest and greatest businessman ever".

  7. The waitlist is for all you fakes using bots to expose you people with FAKE FOLLOWERS! This is why people want it to fail so bad because these people who have bots as paid for subs and followers will be EXPOSED!

  8. "Trump’s Truth Social Is An Absolute DISASTER " this must be "fake news" I cannot believe it! but Trump is a staple genius, he told us he is!, you know "the Art of the deal" and all that!
    Of course It was destined to fail, because of the title , the title defies the laws of physics, Trump and Truth in the same sentence is an impossibility in nature!

  9. Devin Nunes will regret the day he decided to depart from the US Congress to take charge of TRUTH SOCIAL.
    DJT will throw him under the bus very soon in which case it will be FALSE SOCIAL for Devin !
    Are you sure you are not working for DJT, Why do you even mention TRUTH SOCIAL in your podcast ?

  10. You all know Trump ain't president right maybe you should start focusing on the pretend president in there now and see how he is destroying this once great nation

  11. The SEC needs to investigate this mess. Clearly it was just a money grab for Trump, he doesn’t even use it. I’m guessing he will start another social media company called “Trump Social” and raise billions more.

  12. It’s almost as if a vast majority of tech engineers are on the left, and have higher education. Republicans love the uneducated, and this is the result.

  13. I said, months ago, in various online trading groups, that Truth Social was created by Trump and his goons to take money from angry conservatives and I got so much shit for it. Trump never meant for this to be a legit business. He saw another opportunity to scam his supporters and just like the sheep they are, they fell for it. It is easy to get money from foolish people.

  14. Someone should encourage Gazpacho Greene to invest MORE in "Truth" Social. Tell her it'll definitely turn around and get better and not to listen to us naysayers.

    I'll bring the popcorn.

  15. Look- Trump's social network was always going to fail.

    Not because Trump is an idiot. Though he is. Not because there isn't room for alternative media. Because there is.

    It had a couple of fatal flaws though.

    First – it was decided to be a purely Conservative exchange of ideas. In the US, Conservatives are a minority, so this ruled out many of their potential users.

    Second – it had written within its rules the explicit function that you can be banned for criticising it. Having such a heavily censorious policy – far more censorious than Twitter's – was antithetical to its supposed aims. "Truth network but don't criticise us" doesn't work as a mantra.

    Buried behind this oxymoronic policy was presumably some input from Trump. Thinking again, maybe I'm underestimating the impact of Trump's idiocy on the failure of the project.

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