Truth Social: Born Dead

The app of the hour isn’t TikTok or Twitter but Truth Social, Trump’s brand new social media app. While many joined already, Truth Social could be dead in the water real soon. Here are 5 reasons why we believe Truth Social won’t survive much longer.

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00:00 meet the reskinned Twitter
01:36 s**t went sideways: truth social issues
02:33 TWO lawsuits?!
03:39 App Store ban
04:52 best meme app in town

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  1. "Donald Trump Will Never Be President" Remember that? Leftists are are so brain dead they will lie, cheat and steal to maintain their matrix reality of "Right Think".

  2. still on a waiting list since the beginning, hell Alex Jones was allowed back on twitter already. I was lifetime banned on twitter the same day as Trump, and had hope I could get on Truth Social but still waiting. Hell my wife set up her Truth Social account this last weekend and Twitter and has accounts on both, and I can't even get on one of them. Seems if banned on one banned on them all.

  3. Truth, what an app, an app made by a guy who has lied over 30,000 times to you doughnuts. Yes, a place where conservatives can go and spread lies to each other without any moderation. No facts, just what you believe is true, because hey, whos to say your "truth" is wrong, who cares if you convince anyone to do damgerous shit? Yeah way to take it to those bullies in big tech!

  4. The one good thing about Truth: It convinced Ca Rep. Devin Nunes to vacate his congressional seat and become Truth CEO. Ca is finally rid of that GOP asswipe.

  5. Building a virtual encrypted cluster, where every house has a server and no one knows what part of the data is stored on its hard drive, is too ambitious.

  6. Yes, the app is actually pretty dead, they have around 60k users a day. It’s pretty bad. After that information came out their stock dropped so much this week. 4/4/22

  7. You don't seem to know much. I am on TS and it rocks. It's not twitter (Thank God). I imagine the reason Trump himself hasn’t started posting on Truth Social yet is because he’s waiting for Android users to get on first, as well as international peeps. Unfair to hundreds of thousands (or millions) of people if Trump starts firing it up now. Plus TS probably wants to get their bugs fixed and servers able to handle the load. Besides that, all accounts are carefully being vetted to prevent bots. If you know anything about IT application roll-outs, smart engineers roll-out in phases to gauge capacity and demand

  8. The fascists running Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are driving people away and creating a massive need for new platforms like Truth Social. The clowns at TechTheLead can't handle it and are imploding.

  9. This video looks like it got taken poorly, less then 10% subscribers viewed it, 3,433 views with it being the number result for "is truth social dead" and only 76 likes. 72 comments, and a sass queen telling us whats going on. Very biased video, very ratio'd as well.

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