Truth Social VS Facebook: Will Truth Social substitute Facebook?

Actually, it does not make sense to compare Truth Social and Facebook. Because, as we explained in the article “Truth Social Vs Twitter”, Truth Social and Trump have come to defeat Twitter and Jack Dorsey, and as you know, Facebook and Twitter are different. However, former US President, Donald Trump is not happy with Facebook, because after those strange events that Trump supporters attacked the Congress building, Twitter and Facebook suspended all accounts belonging to Trump forever and in fact, it can be said that’s where the story started. In this article, we want to talk more about comparing Truth Social Vs Facebook.

As we explained above, Truth Social is supposed to be more like Twitter. This means that you can share your short sentences with character restrictions with your friends. If you want, you can also include photos, links and videos in your tweet and your friends can comment, like and retweet your post if necessary.

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Of course you can do all this on Facebook. However, their names may be different. But the problem is that people do not expect from Facebook what they expect from Twitter and vice versa.

It can almost be said that Twitter has become more of a place to express opinions. This is something that is less focused on Facebook  and this is exactly what Trump is looking for. Why?

Because most likely, the next candidate of the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential election will be Donald Trump and he is very much looking to win this election. So it needs a Truth Social that is closer to Twitter.

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But if we want to give an answer to the comparison between Truth Social and Facebook, it is that Facebook does not have Trump, but the most prominent person in Truth Social will be Trump, who wants to make Truth Social one of the main tools for winning the 2024 elections.

So don’t see Truth Social as a simple startup at first, as it did in the early days of Facebook. Truth Social is more of a political tool that intends to become Trump’s main tribune in the United States. But it is necessary that this social media, like Facebook and Twitter, has users , otherwise it will not have a bright future, and it will fail in its path.

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  1. I’ve been LOCKED out of my facebook for telling the truth & cussing these fx out now i am no longer allowed to communicate with my friends and family gee thankx marky (FN you scum ), id love to get some of that His / as$ if & when you start any free speech proceedings Also ,.. when can i move in ? fb has stolen all my infomation! i have no recourse locked out of my own fb ,…………….Im pissed !~

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