Truth social Vs Twitter, War of two enemies!

Why did Trump go to Truth Social? Why is Truth Social and Twitter competition so controversial and attractive? In this article, we try to talk more about Truth social Vs Twitter.

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It can be said that everything begun from this war. The War between Truth Social and Twitter.  But how did Trump and Truth Social War start with Twitter?

Everything was fine at first And with the victory in the 2016 US election, Trump set up his first tribune on Twitter, which was also very successful in this regard, trying to inform everyone of all his main ideas and policies through Twitter.

It is true that previous presidents also used Twitter as their tribune, but no one like Trump used to send such controversial and informative tweets from his Twitter, so what could be better for Twitter? It can be said that the more controversial a Twitter account is, the more people follow it and the more visits, and ultimately، the more visits, the more users and money it brings to Twitter.

Truth social Vs Twitter
Truth social Vs Twitter

This approach of Trump caused to add his followers day by day and increase the popularity of Trump’s Twitter account. It got to the point where Trump tweeted about 5,700 during his tenure and had 89 million followers. According to experts, Trump’s activity on Twitter brought about $ 2 billion to Twitter!

Trump continued this approach for 4 years until we reached the 2020 US elections. Where Trump had a close rivalry with Joe Biden and was defeated in this competition, a defeat that Trump never accepted and despite the follow-ups and complaints he had, nothing got to the point it did not arrive at conclusion And just as always, he was posting his comments on Twitter but it took a turn for the worse, and in an unfortunate incident, his supporters attacked the Congress building with a controversial tweet! This caused Trump to be permanently banned from all social media , including Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter shares plummeted after the incident and its market cap fell by $ 2.5 billion.

But with all the fuss, how can Trump survive without a comprehensive tribune and social media? Especially since he is preparing for the 2024 presidential election and he does not want to see himself as a loser again, and in this way, he will definitely need a comprehensive social network such as Twitter. This is where Truth Social comes in. The Trump-Twitter war turns into a Truth Social war with Twitter. An exciting war between politics and technology.

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Truth Social was founded only with the purpose of freedom of expression and wants to substitute Twitter. But how is Truth Social different from Twitter?

The official version of Truth Social has not been released yet, but what is clear from the initial pictures is that this social media is very similar to Twitter. No wonder. Truth social has come to substitute Twitter! But Truth Social  has a serious slogan! ” Your voice can be heard on this social media”. In  Truth Social , like Twitter, you can follow your friends, chat with them and tweet like Twitter!

You can introduce yourself in the profile of Truth Social, like Twitter, and you can also use avatar and backgrounds. The number of your connections is also determined. In TRTUTH FEED, you can either see and like the posts of friends and all the organizations and people you have followed and send them to the others. You will also be able to use links and photos, like Twitter. Also you can search. As well as you can receive notifications of anything that happens in your account.

 If you have used Twitter before, you may say what difference does it make? Truth Social is the same as Twitter !? It may be right at first glance! But there is one main difference! Trump is behind the Truth Social, and this is a full-scale war between Trump and other social networks. There are supposed to be no restrictions on Truth  Social. ( Of course, like other social networks, terrorist and child abuse accounts  will not be allowed to activate  in this network.) Here we mean the restriction of what that did not allow Trump to activate on other social networks. If Truth Social starts as strong as predicted, the war between Truth Social and Twitter will determine the winner of the 2024 US presidential election.

A social media that has been made ONLY to defeat Twitter and has made a lot of investments in this way.

But the first challenge of Truth Social is attracting users. Can Truth Social attract Twitter users? Can Trump draw his opponents into Truth Social?  Why should they leave Twitter and go to Truth Social? Trump supporters will. But what about his opponents? Truth Social will not win the war against Twitter until Trump can attract his opponents to the social network. So we have to wait and see the rivalry of these two enemies.

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