Two executives with former President Trump's Truth Social app quit

The social media platform started by former President Trump has had a rocky launch. Two key executives have quit and the app has a host of issues. CBS News technology reporter Dan Patterson takes a closer look.

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  1. There is not a single country in the world where Don the Con would be allowed to walk around….!!!..In democracies he would be in prison, and in authoritarian regimes he would be hanging from a post in the center of town…!!!….

  2. "Trump is furious about the slow, botched launch of his Truth Social platform"

    LMAO! Any time Tronald Dump is unhappy, i am immeasurably HAPPY!
    Agolf Twitler and his constant lies deserve everything they get, including all the unhappiness they experience.

    Calling Dump's social network "Truth Social" is like calling a house of ill repute a house of virginal retreat.

  3. Calling Tronald Dump's social network "Truth Social" is like calling a house of ill repute a house of virginal retreat.

  4. My God! To think I used to be a Liberal! Liberals are all such wishy washy, teenage minded little cowards. Deep down you all know Big Tech, Entertainment, and the MSM are corrupt to their cores, owned by Trillionaires, and have zero intention of helping humanity reach higher levels of consciousness because people at high levels of consciousness are impossible to separate from their money and their freedoms. Truth Social is being built from the ground up without the use of huge established Tech company's. It's been what, six weeks? And Liberals are already putting vaseline on their anuses, getting ready to celebrate. Let me tell you something. The next 20 years are going to be one long, slow, miserable defeat for Liberals.

  5. LMAO I could Fix the Truth Social Platform MYSELF for way less money than Investors Lost LMFAO Truth Social is probably A BBS in trumps bedroom run on a 286 with a 1200 baud modem running Dos 3.0

  6. I think it's hilarious that the disgraced former congressman ceo of "truth" social has to go on tv and lie about how many users they have and how few users Twitter has. Time and time again these clowns from the right keep trying to make themselves relevant to the world and time and time again they fail spectacularly so we can all get a good chuckle as they try spinning their lies over and over again. How sad.

  7. Like an enormous other number of people that have had financial dealings with tRump, the probably quit because they weren't getting paid.

  8. Trump Airlines
    Trump Mortgage
    Trump the Game
    Trump Vodka
    Trump Casinos
    Trump Steaks
    Trump Magazine
    Trump Travel Search Engine
    Trump University

    ….. and now Trump Truth Social can be added to that long list of Trump failures.

  9. Wow Joe Rogan has three times as many viewers as you do? Russell Brand has more viewers than you do. Wake up and quipping woke.
    Did y’all announce when two executives with the FDA retired, quit, because the Biden ministration was trying to force them to push the fourth booster on all citizens? Doubtful. This is just hate from a mainstream media picking on their arch nemesis. What you need to do is face the truth and quit being propagandist.

  10. Can't just through cash at it ….? Huh, what did Facebook and Twitter do? It's not a competitive space. Facebook and Twitter are losing face with the users. Rumble, parlor, etc the Great platforms, still isn't as popular as you would think. Hence, his explanation of what they are. I personally see plenty of room for competition. And sometimes all it takes is a big name to support it, much like what Elon musk is attempting to do with twitter they could do the same for any platform.

  11. Diaper Donnie is gonna fix it himself, he's a genius who invented the vaccine. He's really smart, his personal phixcisian told him, at least that's what the Fat Orange thinks the quack/hack told him, anyway.

  12. The only truth in this world is the word of God……. KJV Bible. Not the news media, social media, educational media, entertainment media, governmental media, or any other media for that matter……….

  13. "caught stealing their code from another open source social network"
    Nope it's not stealing. It's taking an open source project and modifying the code.

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