What will happen on the first day of Truth Social release?

We are all waiting for the release of Truth Social;

Trump’s social network, which has been almost a few months after its programming announcement, and Trump decided to launch this social network due to this reasons for participating in the 2024 US presidential elections and after the events that he was banned from Facebook and Twitter.

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But now the whole world is waiting for the release of Truth Social; A social network that, according to Trump, is a social media where your voice is heard and freedom of expression is the first word of this social media.

But what do you think will happen on the first day of the release of this social network?

It is predicted that Trump may even use the media to announce the release of the social media, and everyone is looking to install the iOS version. It is likely that on the day of the release, this social network will be very, very busy , especially Trump supporters will all rush to install it, and the servers of this social network may not support this number of people in the first moments of the release, but we are all very excited to see that on the first day will this social network break the record of installing the first day of another social network or not?

You should know that this network has a major difference with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and the difference is that no one knew Twitter and Facebook on the first day, and these social networks gradually grew into big American startups. But everyone knows Truth Social before it is released. Everyone is waiting for it to be released, and someone like Trump, who is so popular and a former US president, is behind it. Therefore, this release is different from other releases.


Do you remember the first Twitter tweet?

A tweet that Jack Dorsey sent as the first tweet on Twitter. A few years later, that tweet sold for millions of dollars, but now we have to see who will leave the first post of Truth Social? Do not doubt that the first post will probably be Trump’s post. But will the post sell for millions of dollars years later? This is one of the ambiguous questions in this story.

And another question that can be weighing on everyone’s mind is what Trump will announce in his first tweet. Will he make an exciting statement, or will he talk about freedom of expression or his plans at Truth Social, or will he start his campaign for the 2024 presidential election from this tribune ? These are all questions we are all waiting to see what happens on this day.

Probably after Trump, his children, his wife, Melania Trump and other celebrities and pro-Trump Republicans will start working on this social media and bring their fans. Probably an advertising strategies for drawing users in Truth Social  can be the same. That bigots and Trump supporters are starting to work on Truth Social to draw these people and their supporters to Truth Social.

Given this explanation, we are all looking forward to an exciting day. According to previous reports, Truth Social was scheduled to be released in late November, and its release has been delayed for several days now. But we need to know what will finally happen on this day and we are all waiting for it.

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