Why Won't Democrats Answer These Jan 6th Questions? (Pt. 1) | Devin Nunes | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to the CEO of Truth Social Devin Nunes about why the January 6 committee can’t be trusted, the big tech backlash against social media, how Truth Social is fighting censorship in social media, and the dangers of social media algorithms and Tik Tok on Gen Z. In this clip Devin discusses the claims Democrats are making concerning January 6 and right wing violence. Devin points out some questions that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi seem unwilling to answer. He also explains why voters should be skeptical of any narratives from the same people who pushed the Russia collusion hoax to frame Donald Trump.

Is the state of US news driving you crazy? Does the coverage of political news rarely seem “fair and balanced”? Serious discussions on US politics is vital to having a healthy democracy. No matter what political party you belong to, we need to be able to hear a variety of political perspectives. Whether you majored in political science or just want to have a deeper understanding of the issues you’ll want to check out this playlist:

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  1. Why so many committees? These people are literally just inventing ways to waste tax payer money and time in order to avoid their devastation of the country.

  2. The most important aspect of this issue and that far too many Americans do not realize is it is just one part of a very elaborate plan by the democrats and all their supporters up and down the chains of media, Hollywood, elite super wealthy individuals and leftist businesses and corrupted politicians to fundamentally alter the fabric of the US, it´s Constitution, economic system and leadership position geopolitically and to take permanent control over the Country.

  3. Release the video footage of January 6th capital riots . Release Dominion voting machines access codes for computer forensic evaluations of the 2020 election in the states , counties and districts in question . Release the Jeffery Epstein Black book . What happened to the Anthony Weiner laptop files marked life insurance ? STOP SAYING THERE IS NO EVIDENCE . There is evidence . The Democrat controlled House of representatives just keep hiding it with help from the FBI and DOJ , WHY ?
    Could it have anything to do with ALL reports of Hollywood and DC pedophile's vanishing immediately after Biden took office ? I recall my algarithims completely changing after Biden took office to include all MSM News . It took all week to block CNN , ABC , MSNBC and CBS from my new algarithims imposed on me " Against my will and algarithims " after the 2020 election . Is pedophilia , human and child trafficking the common denominator here ?

  4. They are criminals and they know the media covers their crimes. The USA is under authoritarian control and we are in very dangerous territory.

  5. Really hope republicans get into power and do a real investigation. Look into the corruption of the democrats. Follow the money see who is being paid to do what.

  6. DEVIN NUNES IS AN AMERICAN PATRIOT‼️ PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING FOR REAL DEMOCRACY‼️🇺🇸🙏❤️ The American People Love & Respect President Donald Trump, Our First Lady Melania Trump & Their Family ‼️🇺🇸🙏❤️

  7. I still can't believe that the president who was voted by the record of 81 million people in America history is now after 1.5 years in questions if he is ok to be a president at all?!

  8. Clinton , DNC, her Swamp cronies , FBI, CIA, Big tech and the media were all participating in a softy coup by lying about Russia and Putin BS. During the 2016 election and then continue against a sitting President. They all should of been arrested a long time ago.

  9. It started at least with the loral deal. Or maybe ruby ridge and waco, which both spun out of operation patcon. Or maybe all the way back to kennedy.

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