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No let up at all in the fighting in Ukraine. And the propaganda war is also intensifying.

A clinic comes under attack. Who’s to blame? Residential areas flattened.
The same question: Who is to blame? A whole city cut off. Again: Who’s to blame? It’s a battle of words between a man whose country clearly stands behind him. And an autocrat with a long record of pulverizing opposition.

On To the Point we ask: Zelenskyy against Putin: Whose truth is stronger?
Our guests: Natalia Smolentceva (DW), Moritz Gathmann (Cicero), Sudha David-Wilp (German Marshall Fund)

00:00 Zelenskyy against Putin: Whose truth is stronger?
03:30 Images from Ukraine tell it how it is
07:00 Most Russians believe government propaganda
12:45 The West doesn’t like to talk of ‘war’ either
18:00 Zelenskyy talks of ‘genocide’ – is he right to do so?
22:00 Putin lost sense of reality
23:00 Ukrainians have won hearts and minds of Americans


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  1. Well in any conflict news from either side needs to be weighed carefully. However, the bear’s track record doesn’t make their message believable much longer. The way the bear’s perspective changes on subjects is the utmost adamant sign their narrative isn’t true. They’ve shot themselves in their very own foot, let’s say, ever since the MH-17. On the other hand, the bear doesn’t know a long term tradition of free press.
    For the Ukraine a similar thing can be said, especially when its history with and under the bear is taken into consideration. However, until now the Ukrainian newsreels have shown atrocities committed by the bear aggressor. Atrocities against civilians, war crimes, devastation, ethnic cleansing, genocide, concentration camps. News from the Ukraine is freely shared, where the news from the bear, doesn’t even reach its very own population.

  2. I'm from America. This whole situation has me shocked. I remember watching Putin explained like the United States to Canada. There's differences like Ukraine to Russia this probably why looting don't understand or he might I don't know. United States and Canada have almost similar laws that's why we're almost compatible it's not a hundred percent Putin probably allows his people to have similar freedoms in his country but it does not allow all the same freedoms maybe he was thinking Ukraine and Russia could being how United States to Canada. I have no idea I I seen Mr Putin speak about that on TV. I don't know but it look like it got out of control there rejoin Russia and Ukraine just by looking at the almost end of the outcome looks like both sides lost I know the Ukraine people are pissed off for their loved ones. But what can all sides can do about it now. That's up to mr. Putin and Mr zielinski to decide. Yes I do agree with your reporters Americans did look weak there but that was intentional because they Ukraine said that they wanted the weapons two fight the heart of Russia it would have been even better if more Ukrainian non-militant citizens would have survived. I know a bunch of Russians did not survive also objects and things can always be replaced. All those that hand no choice still fought with all their might. Living through all the bombs missiles bullets Michelle's shells from the Iron might. The nightmare the rubble all the lifeless lost their souls protected all those who are able to fight Ukraine has fought for their life honor courage. Even all night

  3. When they surround a city like Mariupol and not allow people to leave or they will get shot and it is known they are starving and have no water and are denied then I call that genocide.

  4. If the hostilities drag on and if serious escalation happens , and if his seat becomes too hot for comfort ,than the “stand up comedian”,wearing two hats and who is revelling in the spotlight of global attention , will simply slip away concluding that the highly rated “reality show”, which has shot him into international prominence is taking on an hazardous turn . He might one day just surface on the Broadway to continue with his comical act ,from where he broke it off .

  5. Someone thinking to use nuclear weapons, cannot have truth in any way. Someone with such charakter, has absolute no problem to lie. For such character, lie is not a sinn.

  6. Russia will not only be isolated, it will be shunned for generations. Russia’s young and talented were leaving the country in large numbers before this outrage, with the weight of the sanctions there will be a stampede. Putin will be seen as a military ignoramus akin to Mussolini. Perhaps the latter’s fate awaits him.

  7. Islam is a religion that calls for the worship of the One and Only God, there is no god but Him and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God Islam is a religion that calls for tolerance and non-racism, and Islam talks about the Prophet Jesus and his mother Mary in the Qur’an , it talks about miracles that are being discovered now. You can search for that. Islam forbids immoralities that science has discovered that cause diseases and pain. Islam is suitable for people, and it is a cure for the hearts and against racism. I advise you to enter Islam before the day of judgment comes. That day you will remember that I told you that , If you embrace Islam, you will find light in your heart and you will enter heaven in sky after death..

  8. President Putin has the power to modify the Earth and create a bio hazardous wasteland. Russia and other country elitists will potentially spend their remaining days, crammed in extravagant bunkers, sans yachts, travel, couture, shopping and sunny lazy days. Putin's threats and his worldwide aggressive sentiment has brought humanity to the precipice of disaster.

    *Note: All world governments share some responsibility; their fingers intertwined in the fish bowl of world extermination.

  9. But to me just only the great God is won because he's the only one going to be asked Russia the blood of innocent children who died for nothing, and I know God is very patient but just wait and see what the great God going to do later on to Russia because of the souls of innocent babies and doubt about it.

  10. Calling this war unprovoked is a bit too much, dont you think?…it might not be right, because to me war is never right, but UNPROVOKED? don't make me laugh…Ukraine is not a saint. This is a circus.

  11. It would have been nice to have a Ukrainian person there. I'm tired of hearing others speaking about Ukraine. I want to hear what Russians and Ukrainians think about this situation.

  12. Whose truth? There is no truth with Putin. He has been trained to deceive in KGB and he is extremely skilled in deceiving. The whole world knows it. Do not even compare with Zelensky’s.

  13. Give us air defense! Stop bombardind and shelling Ukrainian cities! Ukraine has been fighting for the world democracy, sacrifying our lives to make you lives safe and peaceful. Don't be afraid of Putin today, otherwise tomorrow he will invade your country and kill your children. Help Ukraine NOW!!!!

  14. Who's to blame?! Are you kidding? Having stilites, perfect intelligence, you dare to ask the question. Just asking the question is a crime and sharing responsibilty with putin's fashists russia

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